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About us

Hello, we are very glad to see you!
Let's get acquainted
How it all began
We started in summer 2012 with our first 15 postcards. All of them were on Ukrainian theme. Many people said that we are crazy, that everything Ukrainian is not in vogue, and in general we will be unclaimed. But we had a goal that remains till now -  to popularize Ukraine abroad. We want our country to be recognized from different sides, so that Ukraine be associated with tasty cuisine, original traditions, famous personalities, beautiful nature. Postcards are our way to open up Ukraine for tourists. And, if at least one person has a desire to visit Ukraine, that will be the highest reward for us.
Principles of our work
- We publish qualitive postcards with lamination.
-We always keep copyrights. This is our strict rule.
- We carefully select new types of postcards, we come up with new series that would open Ukraine from the new side.
We hope that by joint efforts we will be able to tell about Ukraine to the whole world.
All the best,
Galushki cards